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If you are one of the people who’s had just about enough of Matthew McConaughey, you will absolutely LOATHE him after you see Interstellar. It’s nearly three hours of technical gibberish punctuated by excruciatingly loud music to emphasize the melodrama. The “story” is practically incomprehensible and seems like it will NEVER end. Sorry, but giant machines floating in outer space just don’t thrill us any more. And Matthew’s arrogant Texas attitude doesn’t make the movie easier to swallow. It was TORTURE to sit through. There, we said it.



  1. Thanks for the warning Janet. I’d heard it was hard to sit through.

  2. you are not kidding. My dad wanted to see this movie so I went with him. He fell asleep at the beginning and woke up later in the movie. That was 3 hours of my life I will never get back. When we left we had no idea what the movie was about. It was crazy long.

  3. i believe you
    he is over exposed these days Anyway
    that car commercial did it for me for sure

    i am sure he has enough money for 30 lifetimes to take 5 years off and make 3 more babies
    or get stoned and play bongos naked again….

    i saw gravity and it wasn’t that good either so it also kinda sucked specially the ending…..as in WHAT ending??

    can’t these fools with all this money to throw around some up with a new great movie?
    apparently NOT.

  4. I’ll avoid this like I wish I had avoided Gravity. Came out of that one hating Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Where do all these good reviews for terrible films come from?!

  5. Agree with everyone about Gravity. Plot went nowhere. Not sure why it was up for oscars that year. Clooney’s best work was in ER, IMO.

  6. Good for you, Janet! It’s refreshing to read an honest evaluation and review of a celebrity’s performance from a gossip writer without tushy-kissing! Thank you!

  7. I like Matthew and space movies, and that’s why I saw it, but I wouldn’t want to sit through another showing because of the overly loud background music that made much of the dialogue impossible to understand.

  8. …and when is someone in the media going to mention all the plastic surgery he had done? It’s like he wanted a “serious” actor face. It was a couple of years ago, right before his slew of recent movies. He looks very different.

  9. Thank you, Janet, for your honesty. I am honest too.

    There was no way in hell I was EVER going to watch people in space for 3 hours, especially if one of those people was Mathew McConaughey.

  10. Anything on this subject is interesting. And a Hollywood blockbuster to take you there is way cool!
    Kim Kardashian lazered the hairs off of her kitten! And in the distance children wept.
    What do readers think?
    Sorry Janet.

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