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CNN should be ashamed of it’s coverage of the Heath Ledger tragedy. In the hours after his death became known, CNN had continuous live coverage and there were few facts revealed at that time so their TV personality filled the air space by chattering endlessly and aimlessly about suicide and depression. The brunette news person had come up with a dumb theory that Heath had become so disturbed and distressed playing his dark Joker character that he took his own life in despair! An INSULT to the memory of the intelligent actor and the people who loved him – and an insult to viewers! The woman proposed her absurd theory over and over to several “guest experts” who scoffed and reminded her that Heath was a professional actor who knew the difference between movies and real life. The CNN woman’s brainless speculation was enough to send viewers by the droves to TMZ.

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  1. His death is a terrible loss and a jolt for anyone who has an interest in film making and acting but the wall to wall media coverage is unwarranted.

  2. Brava, Janet–I could not have expressed this better myself.
    When people begin turning from CNN to TMZ for truthful reportage (all part of the Time Warner mountain of pure shite), then it’s apparent how far our media have fallen, and how badly the American people are being served by it.
    600 channels of garbage. And just think, starting next year it will all be in high definition!

  3. I totally agree with you, Janet. All the endless speculation is taken as “fact” or “oh well, close enough” by many simple people. We don’t know how or why Heath Ledger died. We do know he was talented and seemingly a lovely guy. Enough said.

  4. R.I.P. Heath
    Life is so fragile none of us should take it for granted, we should all look out for each other.
    I hope they bring you home and not leave you over there.


  6. Janet, you are attacking CNN when FoxNews mocked him and his part in Brokeback Mountain? Either you are an idiot or a shill for Fox. Either way, you’re a dumbass.

  7. ^^
    Where in the post does Janet endorse Fox?
    If you have spent even a minute of your life watching or monitoring the junk being broadcast from FoxNews, then YOU are the dumbass here.
    Here’s a tip: Just pretend that the Fox output is intended for another galaxy; in other words, ignore it.
    Your panties appear to be in a twist over something that is obvious to most people: Fox is the LOWEST common denominator.

  8. I agree with you, but I feel this photo is terribly inappropriate – I would rather remember him as the handsome guy he was, so please take this down.

  9. I think you should use better judgment when posting pictures. Have some respect for the family.

  10. Interesting how often the idea of demonstrating “respect” is somehow conflated with the complete avoidance of reality

  11. I heard about it. It’s why I watch the #1 Fox News. Was she the same ditz that said to take a black actor/sports figure, I can’t remeber “out in the back and lynch him”. SCARY.

  12. What’s really “scary” is that there are people who actually boast about watching FN.

  13. You are no different than CNN. That shameful pic should be outlawed. That’s a man in there. How do you think his family will feel when they see it. Stop trying to be so self righteous and holier than thou. You’re all media whores

  14. What’s so shameful about that picture, anonymous?????????
    It’s life! We all die!!!! Have you seriously never seen them wheeling a dead body?
    What’s shameful is self-righteous idiots like your self that want to sugar-coat everything. I sure hope you don’t have kids, cause that’s the main problem with children and teenager’s now. Bad Parenting…then when they grow up, they are so shocked at how like really works.

  15. Janet you deride CNN for their coverage while at the same time posting ‘Heath Ledger had a drug problem’ moments after his death. This just proves how delusional you are. Time to hang up the wig and retire, you disgust us Janet.

  16. Please take down that picture Janet – out of respect for Heath and for his family.
    Yes – the media speculaton is stupid and in poor taste. Besides no one will know what happened until we get the outopsy (if that is released at all).

  17. heath himself said playing the joker was demonic and he really felt uncomfortable the whole time he was doing the role. He just over did the dope and booze for too long, made himself a weakened vessal for any infection and when he got sick he refused to see any doctor and couldn’t recover.

  18. Janet you post is beautiful but you REALLY KILLED IT WITH THE PHOTO. I wish you would have the courage and dignity to take it down. There is a real call for respect around this issue and to really not use everything as gossip and sensation. It would show a lot of class to remove it.

  19. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Your post on the day he died was headed by “Heath Ledger had a Drug Problem” Wow. Very sympathetic.

  20. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Your post on the day he died was headed by “Heath Ledger had a Drug Problem” Wow. Very sympathetic.

  21. You should be so ashamed of yourself for using this photo. Low Class…

  22. You can post what ever you want but if you write about that you deplore what FOX did and then do the same thing that you are just like them and we don’t like them.

  23. You can post what ever you want but if you write about that you deplore what FOX did and then do the same thing that you are just like them and we don’t like them.

  24. This photo is High Class!
    It shows reality as it is.
    No one seemed to complain when they showed Anna Nicole in her coffin, being paraded around the Bahamas.

  25. Are you Dead, a Celebrity and a Junkie?
    If so, then dial 1-888-JUNKIE-CLEANERS now
    Call for all your drug related post-mortem needs, We will wipe the surfaces clean, hide your bong, hide your saline, replace your prescription pills with smarties and m&m

  26. And what about you, printing a picture of Heath in a body bag? Why are you any different than CNN? Have you no regard for his family?

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