May 26 will be a big night in Hollywood- with lots of people inviting friends over for festive viewing parties for this much anticipated “event” – the premier of HBO’s “Behind the Candelabra.” The trailer is bound to get your mouth watering.

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  1. Mother-of-god when will the hype stop? HBO have been pushing this film for the better part of a year! Are they so desperate for viewers?

    That said, yes, of course, we’re having the whole family over to watch Douglas get properly buggered by Matt Damon. Cheers

  2. This feature is the last one for which Marvin Hamlish produced and wrote the music. Enjoy!

  3. It actually looks very well acted. I love the casting. Didn’t think I’d be interested, but….

  4. This subject should be up for discussion, between the saved and the unsaved….that is, the sheep and the goats. Micael and Matt may be in deep trouble with the LORD for playing these parts. (men kissing men and promoting gays….not good).

    PS: I love to be dissed, raked over the coals, cursed, bad-mouthed, I’m used to it; I love it; bring it on. It just makes me stronger, but I’m sure you can’t understand that. Winning.

    BTW, I have toured Liberace’s home and museum in Vegas. Awesome.

  5. Just curious Janet, who’s mouth is watering? Yours or your man’s?

  6. The book was great, it’s sad carluccis closed in Vegas a little time ago. I wonder if he will be mentioned in the hbo movie.

  7. Well said, Christine India! However, I don’t think the Lord would be unhappy with Michael or Matt because they are only playing a part; they aren’t the real people. Acting has been around since the beginning of time. Liberace and Scott might have some problems, though. It’s what is in a person’s heart that the Lord looks at. That is between them and God.

  8. I’m interested in seeing this film but I wouldn’t say my mouth is watering.

  9. @Christine India, of course we can understand it silly,

    self delusion and fantasy, have been two of the most essential, and characteristic aspects of Christian faith, since its very inception.

    Much like flour and liquid is to a cake.


  10. I’ll watch it for sure, all God’s Children etc., should be interesting. Great actors and an infamous, salacious story, whats not to like ?

    it’s prob going to be sad and comical, just like some of this blogs inhabitants. But without all the angry hate, accusations, and envy , we’ll see ..

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