If they were still alive, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, who played the original Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, might be surprised and delighted at the actors selected to reprise those roles today. “Knocked Up “ producer Judd Apatow has cast Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) as Holmes, and Will Ferrell as Dr Watson in his new comedy. The pair met when they costarred in “Talladega Nights.” We predict Sacha will be delicious as the showy detective who was a master of disguise and deductive reasoning, as well as an occasional coke-head. And if Will can muster up an English accent he should be fun as the fussy, protective, right hand man Watson.

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  1. Sasha is pure genious! Anything he’s in is great by me!

  2. Wow, not Guy Ritchie’s week, huh?
    First, wifey (aided by a statement from Guy’s mother!) puts the kibosh on his quest for freedom, and then, just days after the announcement that he’s been tapped to revive the Sherlock Holmes franchise, comes news that Cohen & Co. are producing a COMPETING VERSION.
    Hang it up, Guy. Your nutsack is safe and secure in Madge’s handbag and your directing career is already in the toilet, so why sweat it?
    Now put any thought to making a getaway out of your little mind; when the judge who married you decreed “life without the possibility of parole,” that’s PRECISELY what he meant!

  3. I think Sasha will be amazing but i dont think Will F. is not funny at all. He tries too hard and it doesnt work for me.

  4. Yes, the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Ahooooooooooo.

  5. Sacha has a long face and is highly over-rated. He just got a lucky break somewhere along the line.

  6. GERARD dude you are so pathetic. You throw that out there every single post in hopes of getting a bite again. Think of something else this hasnt worked for you in weeks. Since you obviously feed off attention i thought i would give you some. But you really should try something new. So sad.

  7. @3:23, I agree with you that troll is stale I’ve seen it on other boards but it choses to act insane here
    yet and still Janet doesn’t delete his posts nor ban his hate speech which is why I and others may lurk but quit posting here rampant homophobia should not be allowed, period

  8. Oooh, another Judd Apatow movie! Let me guess-infantile pot smoking men and angry shrewish women, except for the one who will sleep with the infantile lead character despite his immaturity and bad behavior. You’ve really got that formula down, Judd. The 40 Year Old Virgin had a total of three laughs, adn Knocked Up was completely and utterly unfunny. Good thing for Judd there are plenty of adolescent boys who buy movie tickets.

  9. Anybody else notice that Sacha Baron Cohen looks like a male Jerry Seinfeld?

  10. Sacha looks like Jerry’s handsome little brother.

  11. I don’t know who ever told Will Farrell that he’s funny, but they LIED to him.

  12. WAS and Is the color of your skin DECISIVE?

  13. Borrrrrrrrring. Sherlock is a fictional character just like borat!

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