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Rosario Dawson is certainly one of the hottest actresses around today, so it figures that she would have an equally hot boyfriend. The pair look very happy walking down the street in Soho. Rosario and Mathieu Shreyer have been together around a year and they’re a good fit. She sings, and he’s a DJ known as DJ Mr French – he spins at Bar Marmont, Hyde, and other cool clubs around town. Finding a man with a job isn’t easy these days.

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  1. how exactly is she one of the hottest actresses around today?
    She acts but in nothing that’s worthwhile or that has been a huge box office success per IMDB
    Again, I think this is Janet showing her age or the fact she’s dyed her hair too much.

  2. Very few know who she is……ask the ‘man on the street’.

  3. ‘hottest actresses around today’? Janet are you in cahoots with this woman’s publicist? You must be joking. We have never heard of this D-lister.
    Janet we love you but as it has been mentioned before, your gossip skills excel when you stick to the 70’s and early 80’s.
    What is Dyan Cannon or Lindsay Wagner up to?

  4. # 1 Dawson is a working actress, most actors do not work.
    And she is a class act, you never see her behaving rudely with the paps or her fans. She always has a smile for her fans and a few nice words for the paps.
    I think she is one of the few younger actors who actually appreciates her success.
    She also dates foxy looking men, good for her.

  5. I would like a list of how many actors/actresses have worked hard, and I mean worked their way to the top from the bottom to get where Rosario is today. Like moved across the country, or from another country after taking acting classes in a small class in say South carolina, and moved to LA and took years to get anyone to notice them. It’s impossible unless you live in a right to work state and build your resume with SAG and then move to LA. If you are stuck in LA in the beginning, you have to know someone or sneak into auditions. That’s what I’ve heard anyway. So I would like statistics of people who weren’t already “in” with the LA group and still made it.

  6. France is a “DANGEROUS” supplier of PROFESSIONAL FAGGOTS, folks!!

  7. Rosario’s dad Greg and brother Clay still live in the squat at 544 east 13 Street in Manhattan. Why are they living in poverty there? Her mother Isabel moved out a year ago. Rosario left in 2005 after the scandal broke in one of the dailies, she wasn’t paying any rent.

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