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Usually we love Pink’s style but we’re not so sure this time around. It looks like parties are the LAST thing on her mind. She reminds us of SOMEONE in this airport photo but we can’t figure out WHO. Who do YOU think she resembles here?

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31 thoughts on “PINK IS BACK IN BLACK

  1. My first guess would be Herman Munster. All I know is that she is BUTT UGLY and I hate her music.

  2. Philip Seymour Hoffman! I like her music, but can’t stand her!

  3. why don’t you all leave her alone please she’s HUMAN just like you and you and you be NICE!

  4. Eddie Izzard. When I looked at the photo I thought the same thing Janet did – “who does she look like?”
    She does look very butch in this photo.

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