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This is the photo that got Pamela Anderson into hot water with PETA. She is clearly eating a hot dog at her son’s ball game. Since Pam makes a big deal out of being a vegetarian, it reflects badly on her commitment. Recently Pam refused to ACT in a scene with a dog because PETA doesn’t believe live animals should be in movies. (Apparently they prefer humans to dress up as animals.) Needless to say, the director of her “Superhero Movie” was not thrilled. And Pam has been critical of other actors like Jason Alexander, who endorses KFC. So this hot dog IS a very big deal. PETA tried to defend Pam by claiming it was a tofu dog – but since when do they sell THOSE at kid’s ball games? We wish Pam would find another animal rights group to support.

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  1. So when did it become shoking to you that many celebs are frickin hypocrites? It goes with being a hollywood liberal and democrat in general. “Do as I say not as I do” is what they live by. They should all die of aids!

  2. Hi Bill…yo, you are absolutely correct. Pammie no doubt has eaten many types of weiners, hot dogs, frankfurters, (etc)…tofu, pork, beef, not to mention various and sundry types and sizes.

  3. Perez Hilton’s site is too confusing. Call me (whatever), but I do not like the format. Janet, we luv, luv luv U. Your site is set up GREAT; U should have more folks knowing about it tho.

  4. Support SPCA not PETA. SPCA actually look after animals and don’t care if are not vegan.
    As for hot dogs: since when did they contain meat. Read the ingredient list. Its mostly chemicals, saw dust and rat drops (ok, I suppose rat drops are technically meat).

  5. drops should be “droppings”
    And Animal Shelters are also a great cause. They never exterminate animals even if overcrowded.

  6. They sell veggie dogs at ball games, even kids’ ball games, especiall in California.

  7. PS – Perez Hilton is a flavour-of-the-month guy who sucks up to celebrities that he once said he hated, i.e., Rumer Willis. Janet’s a veteran of Hollywood whose career has lasted and I respect her as such.

  8. To the “bill clinton” post…um, who teased you in high school? Where you the guy that got sand kicked in his face but then never worked out? Did the pretty girls like Pam Anderson ignore you?
    Trapped in anger are you? Go back to your trailer and diddle your inbred kids freak.
    Oh and yeah, they do sell veggie dogs.

  9. Regarding the first comment…I guess conservatives and Republicans aren’t hypocrites are they?
    Remember Rev. Ted Haggart, Bush’s anti-gay “spiritual advisor?” He was caught with a gay hooker. And that Republican senator hoping a men’s room for a quickie blow job?
    And Pam once said she was a Republican!

  10. LOL at 8:09 Hollywood guy. HAHAHAHAH
    Oh and ps. Janet, you know betta! This is California. They sell veggie dogs at my nephews softball games.. $10!

  11. Pam Anderson is a filthy, disgusting and diseased hag. This picture ran about 3 weeks ago in the blogosphere. Why bring it up again?

  12. Yes, I agree the support the SPCA. Or any search and rescue and rehabilitation organization for animals.

  13. That’s a nasty looking corn on her toe next to the baby toe.

  14. Pam’s a skank, in all ways, end of story. By the way, thanks Pam, for your horrible plan to trash the Ladysmith BC landscape, with your big fat Hollywood development! You’d think you’d be a little more sensative to your home town.

  15. Good point Rose. But why even respond to such a vile poster who wishes death on others, believes that hypocrisy is exclusive to one political party and can

  16. It COULD be a hot dog filled with sourcrout (spelling?), relish, mustard, etc. I used to be a vegetarian and used to order these types of ‘filled dogs’ all the time. Actually, pretty tasty. I’m not a PA fan (by far) but I thought people should realize there is an alternative – just “hold the hotdog please”.

  17. Yeah, well. Most celebs are hypocrites. As for Pam…she also drives a Range Rover with LEATHER seats. Shocker! And I’m sure her designer handbags ain’t PVC, either.

  18. Pa lease! That could be a TOFU DOG!! Here in Cali they are everywhere (and very tasty).

  19. If the Ladysmith development is half as good as Bear Mountain in Victoria we all win.
    Good luck Pammy!

  20. NOt only is she a skank but look at those corns on her feet!

  21. NOt only is she a skank but look at those corns on her feet!

  22. Why do you all have to be so judgy. It could be a vegetarian hotdog.

  23. Please.
    Actually, some of the societies that fund SPCA uses Iams, which, by the way, tests on animals.
    Also, they DO sell veggie dogs in hot dog stands.
    So don’t be so quick to judge and go over the top.

  24. it’s a TOFU DOG dude.
    meat’s red.
    that dog isn’t.

  25. To mister “Animal Shelters never put down their animals even if they’re over crowded”… i would recheck your sources. Apparently celebrities aren’t the only hypocrites, because so many of the “No kill” Animal shelters out there really WON’T kill their animals… themselves. They’ll hand them over to a shelter that will do it for them. That way they’re not breaking any rules. You need to check where you’re getting your info, unless you just made it up off the top of your head to somehow “back up” your argument. Too many of them don’t do as they say, and PETA is not a bad organization to support. They don’t “care if you’re vegan” as someone else said. They would like that, that’s cool. But they’re not gonna care if you are or aren’t.

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