Michael Phelps and his team won the Olympics freestyle relay – their victory “dance” – with outstretched arms and exaggerated postures – closely resembled the dominance displays of chimps and monkeys! According to the LA Times, the animal world is full of inflated displays of superiority. Birds and cats puff up and strike a pose. Scientists have studied photos of humans and animals in victorious situations and they all behave the same. Even blind athletes do it. Researchers concluded the behavior is innate and the same for all, regardless of what culture or country they came from. Which means Michael can’t HELP doing the victory dance when he wins – it’s like sneezing!

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  1. At last a picture of this chap that doesn’t show his 8-inch gums.

  2. I agree Janet…he’s kind of annoying. Plus on the rare occassions when he’s not yelling and screaming, his mouth is weird looking, kind of like Hannah Montana’s….they’d both be cute if not for their weird mouths.

  3. .
    oh great. dancing apes. yet another reason NOT to watch the olympics.
    one hopes the water isn’t as polluted as the air.

  4. What’s Julien Lennon up to? How does he feel about his father’s killer being kept behind bars? You know he had no relationship with his dad. He probably doesn’t care one way or another about his killer.

  5. Hot hot hot photo, thanks Janet, you’re one awesome chick!!!!

  6. a victory for the FAGGOTS?

  7. Janet, you are not mentioned anywhere on the KMOX 1120 website. Your banner ad is misleading. Do you actually do a radio spot? If so where are the podcasts?

  8. As a Marylander, I have one thing to remind people about, Phelps got a DUI in Salisbury a couple years back. A good friend of mine brought up a good point tonight though, IF HE IS SUCH A GOOD SWIMMER HE SHOULD HAVE SWAM HOME FROM THE PARTY!!!!! He almost killed people that night, Salisbury State University is close to the water, and a party school, he should have swam home, instead of trying to kill innocent people and then lie about it! It is always nice to have money, isn’t it? Keeps you out of trouble

  9. Michael Phelps is amazing – what an athlete! However, check out the man to the right of Phelps – his name is Ryan Lochte. WOW – check out those abs, the chest, the arms -I could go on and on…he is a wonderful swimmer as well and a hell of a good lookin’ guy!

  10. Marie, I’m a Marylander too, and I agree with you about Michael’s DUI. I remember being so shocked when I heard. You and I both know he knew better, but only he knows why he did such a boneheaded thing. That being said, his accomplishments as a swimmer cannot be emphasized enough. One of his teachers told himn that he’d never amount to anything. First of all, that teacher should have been fired on the spot. You NEVER tell a child such a hurtful, skanky lie. All of us are worthwhile in one way or another. After being named the most gold medaled Olympian of all time, Michael is laughing his ass off at that idiot.

  11. Why isn’t anyone talking about all the Chinese girl Olympians who are under age 16 and not eligible to participate in the games? It’s an outrage.

  12. To all the jealous people here, so you all have beautiful gums but no GOLD oh well too bad.

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