Michael Jackson’s financial situation is getting worse every day and he’s not doing anything to fix it. According to Roger Friedman in his Fox 411 column, Jackson has 90 days to pay back a 23 million dollar loan or he will lose Neverland, which he used as collateral. Right now Michael is living in an expensive rental in Washington DC and Neverland is vacant. Last summer Michael tried to weasel out of contracts he signed by claiming he was under the influence of prescription drugs. We wonder if Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, who also sued Michael, ever got THEIR money. Somehow we doubt it. Insiders are speculating that Michael might file bankruptcy in the next 90 days.

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  1. Why isn’t anyone doing anything about the way he abuses those kids by making them wear that mask on their head. It’s psychotic! I feel so sorry for his kids. Could they even breathe under that. They are probably already emotionally scarred for life. He not only looks like a monster he is one.

  2. This is definitely child abuse; the authorities should have stepped in. Kids wearing masks when out in public is totally wrong. Michael is insane and in a funny kind of way, I feel sorry for him too.

  3. are they investigating him for child abuse on his own children? they are going to be a special kind of messed up with him for a father.

  4. are they investigating him for child abuse on his own children? they are going to be a special kind of messed up with him for a father.

  5. What the hell did Joe Jackson do to his kids? He must have abused them in ways we can’t even imagine. There’s not a sane one in the entire bunch. Now Michael is destroying what small chance “his” children had at mental stability. If he didn’t want all the attention, he could have left his face alone, dressed like a normal man, and allowed “his” children to show their faces in public. I guess if the authorities couldn’t get an LA jury to convict him of child molestation (of course he’s guilty) they’ll never remove those kids from his custody. Fame and money let you do just about anything.

  6. It’s hard to even look at this picture. I honestly feel like crying.

  7. Any other non-famous person that would take his kids out in public with face veils on would be arrested pronto. This whole damned world is so screwed up I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

  8. Wouldn’t Michael Jackson and Brittney Spaers make a cute couple?? I’m sure Michael would LOVE Brittney’s boys!!!!! Where is Child Protection??? They certainly need to step in and remove those Jackson children ASAP!!!!!! I honestly wonder who the father of those 3 children truthfully is?

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