Our DC source occasionally drops some political gossip and we found this one too juicy not to share. Right-wing fanatic and die-hard Donald Trump supporter, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is giving herself a MAKEOVER in hopes of being selected as Trump’s running mate if he secures the Republican nomination and isn’t in prison. Donald’s known for being misogynistic, and calculating Marjorie figured she was too fat and frumpy for him to seriously consider her to be vice president. She’s on a diet and already lost 10 pounds, and has hired a professional stylist to update her hair, makeup and wardrobe. She’s also had her teeth whitened and some minor cosmetic procedures. Our source blabs that Marj is even looking into scheduling plastic surgery during a congressional recess, hoping to reshape her nose and soften her features.


Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. She’s a far right wing antisemitic conspiracy theorist that the conservative base knuckle draggers love.

  2. Is she going to a plastic surgeon or the veterinarian since she looks like she could compete in the Kentucky Derby with that face.

  3. Nothing can make that insane fascist hag presentable to a majority of the American public, let alone Velveeta Voldemort, picking her as his VP.

  4. There is nothing on earth that could improve this slag’s face.

  5. Just found this and totally agree with the already posted comments. It’s now the beginning of March, 2024 and she definitely has had more than ‘minor’ cosmetic surgery. It looks like rhinoplasty, cheek implants, possibly jaw and/or chin revision and everything else money can buy, as in the taxpayers’ money paying her salary so she make the US look like the least formidable opponent in a confrontation.

    I have hesitated in the past to refer to her ‘horse face’ because I’m a horse lover and a horse face on a horse is beautiful. But, the hybrid version she sports is far from beautiful.

    And, no matter what her remodeled exterior attempts, her brainless, unbridled hatred, constantly seeking vulnerable targets*, immediately trump’s it. (Sorry)

    *like the children of the Marjorie Stoneman massacre

  6. Totally agree with Kate, she has had more than just a “little”. Also agree with the assessment she’s a hag, and basically just a despicable and horrid, barely human, being. Hillary was being too kind.

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