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David Beckham has been sitting courtside at all the Lakers home games this year – he brought Victoria to a game, but usually he’s in the company of one of his sons. Except once, when he brought Marc Anthony. Another audience member sitting behind the two guys reported that David was intently watching the players on the court, but Marc never shut up – “he was facing Beckham and yakking in his ear like a chihuahua through the whole game.” (Was he talking about Scientology?)

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  1. Have you noticed that when David speaks he has the voice of a small developmentally challenged child?

  2. Tiny Tom Cruise failed, so Marc Anthony was sent by the Scienos to recruit Beckham. Fortunately for David, Posh is much too smart for their mind control cult and would never let David join.

  3. So….to look at it another way:
    Beckham got a real beauty in Posh ??? (NOT) *
    J-Lo got a handsome dude in Marc ??? (NOT) **
    * Posh is unattractive and only passable with the best make-up job money can buy.
    ** Uh, there is no make-up job that can fix the skeletal Marc.
    (The above is rambling and means nothing, so don’t anyone have a cow).

  4. Marc worships the ground Jlo walks on. He patiently waited for for years expressing his love through music. He is a MEGA star around the world , why would you want a cold indifferent adonis in your home that doesn’t put you first ?

  5. Marc is charming and funny, look up some of his interviews. What he lacks in beauty makes up for in other ways. Go to his concerts and watch the women pass out, he has a powerful voice , the Sinatra of latinos .

  6. L’il Marc is also a baby-maker of several kids w/ more than one lady & sans marriage, which has nothing to do of course with his fame as a singer. If J-Lo thinks she has found the right one, more power to her. P-Diddy in times past was the ‘right one’. So was of course the effervescent gambler and cheater, Ben Affleck.

  7. Well Lopez had the last laugh, she is the happiest woman , can’t say the same for garner.

  8. JANET….FYI…The Gangsters in Paradise will accept NO comments…..try it and see.

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