Madonna kicked off her world tour at Cardiff, Wales, this weekend and her show has been described as red hot and very athletic. She just celebrated her 50th birthday but you wouldn’t know it by her performance and appearance. Givenchy contributed costumes with a domineering edge. She’s set to appear at 37 venues in four months. Too bad her brother Christopher Ciccone isn’t involved in this tour – his design and choreography skills, plus his knowing exactly what his sister wants- added a lot to her earlier concerts. In his book he mentioned that Madonna doesn’t like to sing in air conditioned spaces so her audience is forced to swelter in the heat. Dress lightly if you’re seeing her show.

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  1. Roids! Watchout she has completely screwed up her body and ruined her health! She is so damn gross and ugly it isn’t very funny actually.

  2. If this is supposed to be sexy you lost me..I find her gross and really ugly. Can’t even say I am that fond of her voice.. Why give this sort of thing press coverage/

  3. Her look works, if you’re into professional female bodybuilders.
    Whatever she’s doing to her face (Sculptra?) looks good, though. I know she controls the lighting in 99 percent of the photos we see of her, but still…

  4. To put on a concert tour like this, you gotta have major balls.

  5. On 3 separate occasions, I have heard Kelly Ripa say the following:
    I worship Madonna, I think she is the greatest, I adore her, I would walk a long way to see her concerts, she is the best on earth.
    Kelly, to each his own of course, but…you are a lost (though very rich) soul.

  6. Bleh. The rich get richer, because ticket prices are over inflated, but why oh why, can’t I stand the thought of paying money to see her? I saw her back in the days of her HOLIDAY album (that’s right I said album) She lost me at hello, nude, raunchy photo book deal. She had me recoiling by the time she got to children’s books and acting like the raunchy book never happened. Her shows are sold out, but I have yet to actually have a face to face with anyone in attendance. Best thing she ever did was marry guy and have kids. Period. Do yourself a favor honey and quit while you are a legend. Which was maybe 10 years ago. And the plastic surgery? How very (unfortunate) I mean disappointing. I always thought she would be a woman who owned her age, not visa versa. Pity.

  7. She is demon-possessed. I believe it. Guy looks like a scared little puppy most of the time. Her life is beyond belief; truly, she may have gone legally insane. Lourdes appears to have it mostly together, but Rocco and David need a mother, not a nasty ho that only cares for her fame and fortune.

  8. Even with all the plastic surgery (to look younger) Madonna looks terrible up close. I think she must have a medical problem she isn’t disclosing.

  9. Mad-dog is still ripping of Dietrich ( The Blue Angel).
    As they say ” nothing new under the sun”.

  10. Now that’s just scary and gross !!
    Still can’t Dance call Jennifer Lopez.

  11. I think Kabbalah has f’d up her mind really bad. Reports are that Guy never approved of it. As to whether he caved in and went to any of the K-meetings, who knows. Why she stays in this ancient false cult is a mystery. Kabbalah takes your money and causes your mind to be screwed up (a’la tiny terrible Tom C. in Scientology) No one or nothing in Kabbalah or SCI can save the soul. Celebs are so ignorant.

  12. She is so totally depraved and has no conscience. Now just why did she stick the microphone in her pants? Vulgar is just one adjective to describe her. Guy should file for divorce, because she probably did fornicate with A-Rod. This rumor has now been squelched…..lawyers perhaps?

  13. She looks like hell. Her attitude is also moronic, as is her complete dismissal of her past actions. Instead of owning up to her past decisions like a grown up, she just denies and runs away under the guise of “lady of the manor.” LOSER.

  14. …….and seventy is proberbly the new fourty?

  15. Vadge is slowly transforming into her true image, that of the Anti-Christ. The Devil incarnate. Look at the pictures, you can see the horns sprouting from her temple and the tail growing out of her backbone.
    Once the tour is over and she fleeces millions from a mesmerized crowd full of Martha Minivans and Johnny Lunchbuckets she will form One World Government and set fire to all of the Churches and houses of Worship. This evil spawn of the Devil must be halted.

  16. You honestly think she’s attractive? She’s an ugly ol’ cougar who won’t let go of a youth that evaporated years ago. These photos make me want to vomit. This woman is a no-talent exhibitionist and if it weren’t for her gay following, she’d be toast.

  17. desperate for attention, i see a very unhappy middle aged woman, on the verge of a break down ;after her divorce as soon as the tour is finished.
    sadly even the demise of her family unit is also calculated.

  18. I’m Voting McCain and Vadge can disrespect him all she wants but truth is McCain is a solid candidate. Not this Obama joker who lacks humility and has spent a grand total of 138 days in office – spending most of THAT planning for running for Pres. McCain will leave that media rock-star in the dust when all is said and done and as far as this bimbo goes… I am boycotting her concert. She went too far dissing McCain and our service people. He does not belong grouped with Hitler nor does Obama warrant the status of Ghandi – he hasn’t done anything remotely close to be compared to Ghandi. Madonna is really out of line this time. She BETTER appreciate our military. Without them she would have been stoned to death in any other country. What a self-important, delusional ingrate she is.

  19. He does not belong grouped with Hitler nor does Obama warrant the status of Ghandi
    ITA! Shes’s a NUT!

  20. Tasteless.
    BTW HOBAMA voted for unrestricted partial birth abortions which is:
    up until the moment a baby is born they can induce labor, grab the head while it is in the canal, and pierce the skull and suck the brain out. Then they pull the dead baby out and put it in a garbage disposal.
    See how HObama respects the American people?

  21. Janet, please stop these morons from posting their political rantings on this site. It’s supposed to be a Hollywood gossip site, not the Fox “News” channel.

  22. “Madonna defies her age” is right! Except she doesn’t look at ALL like a healthy 50-year-old woman. She looks like a dissipated 70-year-old drag queen.

  23. I think Janet is the one posting the anti-obama tirades. Janet is a well known neo-con and Bush family supporter.

  24. I think she is too muscular, over bleached, over everything. I have no respect for anyone who compares Senator McCain to Adolph Hitler, something she does on her tour. Typical Hollywood. What a c–t!

  25. Janet, you just lost a frequent reader by allowing all this right-wing crap to be continually posted here. See ya!

  26. I read in today’s paper that the hell-bent fools in God-less Wales lined up about 2 days ahead of time to see this washed-up filthy skank. Yet most have never heard (or want to hear) the gospel of salvation. I wouldn’t want to be her if I could have 5 times the wealth she has, and that’s a fact Jack.

  27. Why is it being called a world tour???? Australia and New Zealand are part of the world last time I checked, She is not coming here, so it is not a WORLD tour!!

  28. Her filthy moral-less lifestyle and Kabbalah have scrambled her brains. She is out of touch with reality. Does Guy really love her as he claims, or ……. I give up; who can figure out these two.

  29. The second picture looks downright freaky. She’s disgusting, physically and morally.

  30. I wonder if Vadge can name the Secretary of State or the three branches of Government or Speaker of the House, or recite our Constitution? I rest my case.

  31. I wonder if Vadge can name the Secretary of State or the three branches of Government or Speaker of the House, or recite our Constitution? I rest my case.

  32. I am thinking of the time when she wore the sharp pointed bra and laughing really loud.
    This was nothing short of hilarious.

  33. She does everything to improve her ‘looks’ but why doesn’t she do something about her daughters mustache and eyebrows which cross over to her nose! And she’s a hateful mean woman who’ll be lonely, ugly and alone at the end.

  34. She does everything to improve her ‘looks’ but why doesn’t she do something about her daughters mustache and eyebrows which cross over to her nose! And she’s a hateful mean woman who’ll be lonely, ugly and alone at the end.

  35. Re: Obama. Partial birth abortions are only used in extreme cases where birth is imcompatible with life such as untreatable birth defects or similar problems. Legalizing it would not increase its use and most physicians won’t perform them anyway.

  36. She needs to gain weight but it is not unusual for women of her body type to put on muscle that easily, I have a friend who has her body type and she does not exercise regularly to prevent looking that overbuilt. My guess is she has some androgen issues from being underweight for many years which may account for her reported emotional problems. Estrogen production stops when your body fat drops too low and it can be very hard to get back to normal.

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