Jennifer Aniston may be history, but John Mayer walked away from their romance smarter than he was before. Jennifer has a lucrative endorsement deal with Smart Water and not only did she get John drinking the stuff (she gave him a few cases,) but she encouraged him to make a deal of his own with the company. The Smart Water organization has been looking for celebrity spokespeople and now John is in negotiations to do ads for them.

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  1. I’m sure John learned several ‘things’ from Jennifer….which was taught to her by Tate Donovan, Brad, Vince Vaughn,…..etc.etc.
    And I’m sure she learned several ‘things’ from lover-boy…..which he practiced on several well-know H-wood whores, the most famous being Jessica Simpson.

  2. is this even true? lol cause john’s image is not healthy lifestyle

  3. You guys need to get the story right. It is not smart water who wants John, it is Penta water that sponsored his tour.
    this is also the only water that he drinks…

  4. I don’t care what water it is. Bottled water is TERRIBLE for the planet. Energy to make the plastic, energy to bottle the water, energy to ship it, energy to cool it at the store and then a plastic bottle hanging around for thousands of years. Drink tap water. That goes for you too celebrities.

  5. We also hear that Jennifer will be repping a new fragrance called “Desperate.”

  6. I feel so bad for Jennifer Aniston. How is she so desperate when she just got married once? Someone who is desperate would be married at least 3x already yet she is tabloid fodder. If she dates a couple guys she’s desperate? Is it so bad that she dates, she’s single woman.

  7. This dirty closet gay (if you saw pics of his seriously kissing Perez Hilton) creep with the huge head and tiny shoulders is slime and rather scuzzy and smelly looking. Just plain dirty. He’d better use that smashed up face to wear the water instead of being their spokesperson. The water company should resist dealing with this freak or plan on losing business cause I’m among a few that won’t buy their water again if they do hire Mayer.

  8. Penta may very well have sponsored him, Mr. Vandenberg, but he was certainly photographed by Bauer Griffin carrying a bottle of Smartwater when he was dating Jennifer in July.

  9. I cannot stand John Mayer. I cannot stand looking at him. I cannot believe Aniston even dated him. The question is: which is bigger, his ego or his huge freak head? I hope his weiner falls off.

  10. I feel so sorry for Jen. Her eggs are all dried up becaus she chose a career over love. Poor Jen.

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