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John Cleese ( A Fish Called Wanda, Monty Python) and his third wife Alyce have officially separated after fifteen years of marriage. Neighbors report that they’ve been living in different rooms of their Santa Barbara house for the past few months. We remember John when he played Karen’s wealthy boyfriend Lyle Finster on Will & Grace – VERY funny. Alyce is a psychotherapist and John has been accused of being no fun at home – a melancholy, moody comic. Friends insist the pair just “rubbed each other the wrong way.”

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  1. He can rub me the wrong way anytime he wants. A Fish Called Wanda is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time and even back then I would have wanted him to “talk to me in Italian”.

  2. This geezer has more talent in one eyebrow than the commenter has in two eyebrows, ha ha. Anyway, I love Santa Barbara and would be happy to look after Mr. Cleese.

  3. No fun anymore, you know what a cure is for that.
    Go to a rehab and start talking about yourself and your childhood and let your mate find something out about yourself.
    Only losers never seek out what ails there partner. Who knows – ya might hook up with a gal or gal age and they’ll luv ya just the same. Just because you honestly spilled your guts to them on what’s really bothering ya.
    I suppose most folks will never figure it out. Walking around aloof all the time.

  4. You know what those two need to do. Sail around the world on a sailboat together to see if the can’t fix there marriage by them self.
    Do they know how to sail, go to a colgate sailing school.
    And have a mint after every meal.

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