This is the THIRD time Jessica Alba has changed her mind about her boyfriend Cash Warren. What’s wrong with her? Last year they stopped seeing each other for a few weeks and after dodging the press, Jessica finally officially admitted they had broken up. No sooner were the words out of her mouth than she took him back! Last spring the same thing happened – the moment she admitted the split they got back together. This last time a big deal was made about her texting Cash good-bye. Two weekends ago he was alone a several charity functions. But this past week they’ve been getting chummy again – at the Polo Lounge. It’s the Girl Who Cried Wolf! Maybe Jessica hates being single more than she dislikes her relationship.

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  1. she does seem like the type of girl who NEEDS a boyfriend.
    she might have changed her mind about this relationship when she realized the pickin’ are slim for hetero girls in her field, they have to make do with what is available or go without a man.
    cash warren can break up with jessica alba today or tomorrow and score time and again as the ex of jessica alba, alba is going to have a harder time finding an attractive, young, single, heterosexual man who can deal with a high maintenance chick.

  2. Typical tweeker behavior I mean really, look at her mean coke face.
    And 1:13 get real! Rich str8 beautiful actresses can
    ALWAYS find a man no matter how they behave Joe Average wants some of that!

  3. Needs a rich hubby, can’t act or sing worth a damn Jessica Simpson syndrome.

  4. She is obviously trying to corner cash (strapped) into marrying her. It isn’t working. He know knows she is hooked on the dick, an he doesn’t have to marry her. How much better does it get. He should drain her bank account, then kick her to the curb.

  5. how many friends do you have that go through the same thing but are not in the spotlight this crap goes on all the time, only reason people care is cause they want to see her with another star and then crucify that relantionship

  6. art chic?
    how do explain joe pesci scoring angie everheart??
    the straight, single women outnumber the available men out there.
    jessica simpson is learning this the hard way.

  7. Single means “not married”!!!!
    It doesn’t mean without a boyfriend! Who keeps screwing up our English language?

  8. Jessica Alba is hot, hot, hot. So is Jennifer Anniston. Only the lonely know the way that they feel.

  9. 6:16 Gugly guys like Joe Pesci try harder in the sack also Angie Everheart isn’t a spring chicken herself.
    Jessica Simpson has to turn down guys left and right but she wants a high-profile man.

  10. Maybe it’s her bodyguard.
    I mean, no real man would be so pussy whipped to stick around as many times as she said they were together and then say otherwise.

  11. They say “joe pesci” has a 13″ pecker…attached to that little body. With a 2 1/2 inch girth.
    I can see Art Chic mouth watering from here !
    I’ll bet when he’s pounding on her she’s loving every inch.

  12. Bump this old story off the page already. It’s over, like Albas career.

  13. does anyone really knwo the truth about this MESS. There are rumors he was hitting on 12 year old emmy rossum???

  14. does anyone really knwo the truth about this MESS. There are rumors he was hitting on 12 year old emmy rossum???

  15. any follow up on this. a lot of mix stories on them and no one else reported this sighting

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