Lakers fans love to “rate” the celebrities when their images appear on the Jumbotron. At last week’s game they made their preferences quite clear. Whenever stars’ close-ups appear on the Jumbotron screen, the fans respond with cheers or whatever. Last week when Andy Garcia’s face appeared, there was applause. When Ellen Pompeo popped up onscreen, there was no reaction at all. Jim Belushi got some claps. As soon as Jeremy Piven’s face flashed onscreen, the audience ROARED with approval! But when Mel Gibson had his closeup – the crowd BOOED. And of course he stuck out his tongue in response.

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  1. Don’t believe people would go wild about this guy. ROARED with approval. Puhleeze.

  2. Love or hate Mel, he does what he wants and has the luxury to do so. None of us know him and are reacting to one incident when he was drunk. I am sure many of those that booed would find it unfair if they were judged by one incident in their life.

  3. What’s a REAL MAN to you Margo? Oh,,one with a pulse and a penis.

  4. I’m glad Mel stuck his tongue out, it shows he couldn’t care less who likes him and who doesn’t.
    He’s a great filmmaker and humanitarian. He’s given to more charities (including Jewish charities) than half a dozen celebrities put together.
    Your the best Mel!

  5. I’m glad Mel stuck his tongue out, it shows he couldn’t care less who likes him and who doesn’t.
    He’s a great filmmaker and humanitarian. He’s given to more charities (including Jewish charities) than half a dozen celebrities put together.
    Your the best Mel!

  6. Oh Margo you would have sex with an ape if you could. Your nothing but a has-been here on janet’s blog move out you old skank time for some new blood it da house!

  7. Ever since I spent 3 1/2 boring hours watching “Dancing with Wolves” produced by and starring Mel Gibson, I have never liked him…nor his cheating on his wife. There is more, but space and time won’t allow….my BP is already up thinking of these highly overpaid and boorish ‘stars’.

  8. Hello, the movie is Dances
    With Wolves. Apparently you were drunk when you watched it because you missed Mel Gibson because he wasn’t in that movie you dumb ass! Do you even know who Mel Gibson is or Kevin Costner? Maybe you stroked out with that high bp.

  9. To gclooney: MY BAD, BIG TIME. Truly knew it was “Dances” not Dancing. Truly knew it was Costner in it, not Mel. I deserve the pen-lashing. Too much turkey, etc. today; please forgive me. I am very irritated at myself for my stupidity and deserved every word. Friends, g ?


  11. Love Mel Forever! Great Film maker (Better than Speilberg) and better looking.
    He could give a rats ass who likes him and who doesn’t. Hope he continues to make truthful films, and say what he feels without being intimidated. This is America remember. Land of the Free.

  12. Off-Subject of movie stars to 11:47 PM.: Regarding your remark: This is America; land of the free. Sweet Sugar, this great land will not be free much longer. have you seen 30Mil (plus) illegal immigrants who are bleeding us dry…free health care…free Government money. Also, many businesses and school teachers are being forced to learn Spanish, instead of them learning English. Who cares about shallow movie stars and their money and their fame; we will all be soon forced to wave and/or bow down to the Mexican flag.

  13. Mel Gibson is a racist,!! If you read any biographies on him you will know he also hates the English. Take his film Braveheart, for instance, not at all historically accurate.

  14. Patriot Pat: The cost of the “free” health care you speak of pales in comparison to the billions of dollars being daily flushed down the toilet in Iraq, etc.
    You xenophobic know-nothings (and proud of it!) lay all of your personal problems and failures at the door of whichever scape-goated group is currently in fashion.
    Are you elderly and/or infirm? Is there a possibility that you and your calcified ignorance might soon be dead?
    One can only hope.
    It’s the only way the rest of us may have a chance to redeem this country in the wake of the fear-mongering, theft, warring & destruction wrought for years by so-called “patriots.”

  15. FYI: True patriotism has nothing to do with our country being taken over by ILLEGAL immigrants. I agree the war and the billions spent is beyond horrible. All I am saying is our boys are fighting over there to protect our country from radical Islam terrorists.. Meanwhile, we are being invaded by illegals without a shot being fired. How I wish the war had never been and how I wish our boys could come home now. See the diff? Also notice I did not resort to name calling.
    Thanks for listening. Sorry Janet, for digressing.

  16. Pat: I agree, this is not the appropriate forum for this discussion, but I did want to make a few points, in light of your post above.
    The hard truth: this country has, virtually from the moment of its founding, ALWAYS exploited free (slaves) or cheap (migrant workers) sources of labor. This has been an integral part of capitalism. Can you deny this?
    To decry the resultant demographic changes in American society is futile. It is what it is. If you buy into political rhetoric that seeks to scapegoat immigrant labor and promises to “do something” about the problem, then it is YOU, Pat, who are also being exploited.
    The current President is a former governor of a border state whose economy is dependent on cheap labor from Mexico. Do you really believe that he or anyone else in power is committed to completely stopping the flow of migrant workers into the U.S.?
    Attempting to “close the barn door” at this late date seems a bit pointless, wouldn’t you agree?
    Better to devote our collective intelligence to working to improve our present reality for all who are impacted by it. That will take effort and, yes, sacrifice.
    Finally, please excuse the tone and language of my earlier post. You are quite right: you did not resort to name-calling. I did and it was not gentlemanly. I apologize for that.

  17. I am sitting here in total shock. True story: My 18 year old turned me on to Janet’s Web a few days ago. As I was meandering around and frankly fixing to close down, I ran across the 3 above blogs. Agreed… illegals take crappy jobs some Americans will not do. I work in the office of a large construction company and 7 or 8 (not sure) workers were laid off and 3 months later 7 or 8 Mexicans and 1 Columbian were hired. My half brother served 18 months in Afghanistan, is back here 4 months, is suffering mentally, very little income. Meanwhile, recently (in USA Today) it stated most of our veterans are hurting for $$ and medical help big time. I have been to restaurants loaded with illegals, speak no English, order drinks, and leave in SUV’s. This was not their prosperity in Mexico. My point is: Our returning military is suffering mightily while illegals (NOT LEGALS) are getting BIG money somewhere, not just from menials jobs. To me, legals are welcome (i.e. they should go thru proper channels…instead they obtain illegal papers, etc.) If we went across the border and stayed w.o. ID, we would be (God knows what would happen). I am just basically venting against Bush and Company for not helping our fighting heroes enough. I hate the war and I am so sorry for my rant. If anyone disagrees, it’s OK.
    Sorry, Ms. Janet.

  18. Sick and Sad: You’ve identified the group that may be the longest-suffering and cheapest workers in the whole system: American soldiers.
    While companies who have won no-bid contracts from the US government (Halliburton, Brown & Root, et. al) continue to enjoy RECORD PROFITS as a result of the “war on terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of US soldiers, like your half-brother, are returned home broken

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