Shhhh……try to keep this quiet, but…’d think giving birth to twins might be just a little scary for a first time mother. However, Jennifer Lopez has no qualms – she’s decided to make it a “silent birth” like her friend Katie Holmes. Actually it was her OTHER Scientology friend, Leah Remini, (The King of Queens) who talked Jen into it. During this Scientology birthing method, the mother and doctor or whoever is present are expected to communicate without words. Preferably without painkillers or drugs. Now THAT sounds like a challenge for Jennifer, who has always been quick to make her feelings known.

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  1. don’t see it happening. when they cut those two babies out of her, she’s gonna wanna say something. i don’t care what kinda epidural she gets, theres gonna have to be some words there.

  2. As a mother of twins…I wish her luck with that whole “silent birth” thing. I could have NEVER done it.

  3. I wish her career would go silent….no-talent diva hack.
    And take skeletor with you.


  5. She really is TALENTLESS. All it takes is a label who sees a niche opening…her example :Latina.
    Britney : Dumb young girls & boys.
    There are a boatload of marketable, TOTALLY TALENTLESS ( & brainless ) bodies being exploited by record companies to fill the voids.
    All the software available now makes it possible (lip synching when live)!!!!!!???

  6. $cientology is a sick, twisted ripoff cult that blackmails its celebrities into staying.
    I boycott any shows with culties in them. I stopped watching King of Queens, My Name Is Earl, South Park, Dharma and Greg, and any movies with Tom Cruise or John Travolta in them because of this.
    $cientology is NOT a legitimate religion and should be shut down by the government for being a ripoff scam.

  7. A friend of mine, who is deeply afraid of pain got hypnotized and would have missed the whole event if it hadn’t been filmed.. YIKES!

  8. Scientology is THE most evil cult of this present age. Those following it will be most surprised that they will not be entering heaven, as they have blocked out Jesus from their lives and followed the false teaching of L.Ron Hubbard. He taught reincarnation, among other demonic things, and finally commited suicide. The stupidity of the stars is overwhelming. They give big big money to belong to Scientology and will end up in hell.

  9. Heard on the VIEW about 4 or 5 months ago.: Babawa Wawa said she believes in weincawnation. I don’t think she is a Scientologist, but for this false belief, in the great beyond, she will be shaking hands with Travolta, P. and L.M. Presley, Kirstie Alley, Tom Cruise, etc. Heathenism and stupidity abound, esp. with the rich.

  10. Before going further on the child-birth thing, could we just go back to the beginning for a sec. So, for months we see J.Lo and Ben Affleck. Will they marry, and when, blah, blah. Then all of a sudden Beniffer breaks up and bam before you can blink an eye she is hitched to tiny, scrawny, rather unattractive Marc. (Wha?) So, if Janet or someone will clarify this mess, then “let the twins begin” with or without screaming, who in their normal mind cares anyway. (I know ’tis off subject, but has anyone else thought this was rather a quickie marriage….maybe she knows he is a fertility god from his past raunchy life).

  11. Yes, I used to be a jlo fan, but she seriously sucks now, both her and ben blahflecks careers have faltered miserably after their relationship went kaput. ben marrried that idiot wife and jen married skeletor.

  12. I believe with twins, she will have a C-section, in which she will have a planned delivery and go through no labor pains anyway. It will be easy to have the “silent birth” when you won’t be feeling a thing anyway. OH my, will she forgo the pain medicine for the c-section to follow the rules? UH NO!
    C-section with a tummy tuck, no doubt in my mind.

  13. I dont have kids but I wouldnt want my vadge all stretched out either, give me a c-section any day. 🙂

  14. She married Marc quickly to save face from being dumped by Ben, she thought she would beat him in the who can get married and have a baby first battle but she lost because Ben and Jen had their baby already. So now she’s almost 40 and stuck with Skeletor.

  15. please if she wanted to she could dump skeletor and move on to bigger and better things and by the way skeletor is richer than ben, ben is officially a laughing stock around hollywood, he hasnt been able to star or direct in a blockbuster since their break up he is officially a dud, just like his lack luster wife who used to copy all of jlos red carpet style.
    if jlo did bangs, it was guaranteed garner would copy her, if jlo wore orange garner would wear orange on her next red carpet. she wanted to be jlo so badly she even got stuck with ben, too bad these two scrubs put together cant even compete with jen. Jen has more money on her own than these two imbecilles put together and garner will never be a bigger star than jennie from the block even if most of you think that’s ridiculous.

  16. She’ll be lip-synching curse words left and right. Hell, she can’t even lip synch if her life depended on it!

  17. Wish I had the money these people do so my life would turn vapid which would enable me to get involved with a cult ….

  18. please money has nothing to do with whether someone is vapid or not. it all comes from within, there are plenty of people on this earth with wealth that are not in to cults. looks at mel gibson.

  19. If she has those babies natural with no epidural she will be SCREAMING! She’s crazy to be listening to her friends, it hurts like hell to have one naturally but two? She wont be doing sign language thats for sure!

  20. She should have had almost total bed-rest because of her age and a minor blood disorder. Yet, she performed when several months gone. Did she need the money that bad?

  21. Wow, I needed a good laugh! JLo silent? This has to be a joke because this loud-mouthed diva could not keep her mouth shut from a paper cut, much less childbirth. And no pain medication? How funny is that? She will be taking all she can get her hands on. You can tell that scientology is a “man-made” occult because if a man ever experienced the pain of childbirth, he definitely would not be told to maintain silence. What a crock. It is a shame how brainwashed anyone is who believes in the occult of scientology.

  22. I agree with 5:31 she should be resting, because of her age she’s high risk and having her babies in that crazy cult fashion could cause complications.

  23. shut up haters what do you know about jlo,how do you know she’s a arrogant diva,that’s only what newspapers write about it.Better watch your own lives,and try to be famouse as she is!Too bad you can’t make it!loooool

  24. You’re right 5:31 p.m. She should have cancelled all her shows, rested, eaten right, etc. The skeletal anemic looking Marc would have waited on her hand and foot. She was probably his last gasp anyway and he is probably in a daze as to how he got her (not that she is a great catch…Diva, and all that). And rots o ruck on the ‘no screaming’. If she is truly sucked into Scientology, then the dilemma of raising the twins Catholic or Scientology will come up. See Tom Cruise…he’ll tell you which to choose. Whoopee

  25. If this story is true – then it’s sad that yet another celebrity has been sucked into the cult that is Scientology. As for silent birth – LOL i wish her luck but i’m sure she’ll start screaming once the pains start.

  26. Anon 1-
    Silent singing !
    If only!
    Thanks for cracking me up!
    Now, if only my retinas could recover from the likes of Shitney, LiBlow, JBlow, Posh & Go.
    I am so sick of these NOBODIES being foisted upon us.
    America: Resist being “Dummied Down”!

  27. 11:49 & 12:23…
    Having twins does NOT = a c-section.Woman have natural twin births all the time.c-sections hurt too. I had a c-section with my twins (because I had already had a c-section not because I was having twins) and it took WEEKS to heal. Yeah, you get drugs but they don’t take the pain away they just help ease it.
    C-section or not, NO birth is silent.

  28. Just wait till those contractions start and the baby starts coming out, she’ll scream things you never thought possible! I know from experience :0)

  29. I’m glad I don’t have any kids. Too much work. It’s all I can do to keep up with these comments, read the rag mags, keep up with Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, etc. LOL. And then, there’s dusting, grocery shopping, laundry. Yeah, I’m sorry my ass or gut hasn’t been ripped open. Then, there’s barfing from changing diapers. (ugh) 3 cheers for parents, it’s not my bag. Kudos to you all. And, SCREAM, Jen.

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