Suri does not look at all happy as her mother Katie Holmes walks her home after her tennis class. She’s carrying her racket along with her stuffed elephant. Losing is never fun, but it doesn’t happen often for Suri. Just last week her father Tom Cruise sent his private jet to pick her up and take her to the UK where he is filming “All You Need Is Kill” and Tom spent a few days spoiling her.

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11 thoughts on “IS SURI CRUISE A SORE LOSER?

  1. whenever I see posts about these folks I wan’t to write something nasty, but, I always end up just feeling lousy about that poor child, living under a microscope, torn between two parents and subject to the hatred and envy of a nation. Pathetic really, I hope she survives, run kid.

  2. Would u be happy being transferred from one parent to another – from one country to another. Especially when one parent(?) should just remove himself from the picture.

  3. Isn’t that a racquet ball racket? And she is giving the pap the stink eye.

  4. I think she is just walking and not being carried and not wearing wearing mini hi heels. Who smiles all the time?

  5. She seems like a sad little girl to me, no matter what gifts she gets from her parents.

  6. From all the pictures I’ve seen of her, she appears to be very sad and unhappyy.

  7. Eh I’m not buying that Tom has actually seen Suri since last summer you’d think he’d have pics of them together since he’s suing a magazine saying he abandoned her.

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