To be honest, we were surprised that these two women left the house looking like this. Heidi Klum and Brandi Glanville earned the honor of wearing the two most tasteless dresses on Oscar night. What WERE they thinking?

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  1. I’m surprised Heidi would dress like a Parsian hooker. I expected much more grace and style from her.

    Brandi, well, looks the part.

  2. I rarely agree with anything Janet posts on this site but this time she is correct. I’ve seen classier dresses sold at Walmart.

  3. I actually love Brandy’s dress, but that is not how it is meant to be worn: stripper style – it barely covers her nipples! I could see Charlize Theron or even Reese Witherspoon making this work, but Brandy looks ridiculous, ugly, gross, stupid….Pull it up about 4 inches!

  4. Heidi knows better. Now Brandy(my god, that name) is just trash. That rag she’s wearing is strictly stripper wear.

  5. Those dresses would have been better on a 20 year old or a very skinny woman. Heidi should have known better than to wear that dress. I thought she has her help as boyfriend, was she advertising for a new one last night?

  6. Hollywood likes to turn “real” women into hooker-types. Guess Heidi can’t get other work. For Brandi — what is her job? Fake boobs don’t do these dresses any justice. I’m “older” and have REAL boobs.

  7. Parisian hooker is right, Casey Donovan! They both look like hookers. I guess no amount of money can buy any class.

  8. Both of them are just vile. And why were either of them at the Oscars? It’s not like they’re in the film business.

  9. Heidi..Gold.. always an unpleasant, harsh color for her. Instant dead-focus fashion aberration of yellows. Miss Haggard and Droopy has arrived.. blah, I am so tired of life and doing this show and pose gig ..has no waist, pancaked bust…heh.. Is Brandie is accepting a naughty dare with nipple crushing until oopsie pop-out Peril..? Get a ‘pleasing sight’ clue woman; tasteless, desperate tramp on parade is not a very alluring, wise choice for flattery and admiration..

  10. Heidi started dressing very trashy following her break-up from Seal.

  11. They apparently are saying “in your face” to the rules about wearing modest apparel and keeping T and A covered. lol

    Anyhoo, above their necks:
    Heidi looks pale, worn out, hair is limp, roots need re-touching and her thin lips are sans lipstick.

    Brandi has had so much obvious botox and fillers, she probably can barely smile.

    Poor kids must be trolling for a man, but this is not the way to do it. 🙂

  12. Heidi looks fantastic- finally gaining some ground again after her split. At least she’s feeling better. Okay, admittedly too much cleavage for a corporate event, which the Oscars are.

    Brandi simply doesn’t know any better. She looks awful. Totally, completely blew it.

  13. Maybe they are sending a message to their ex-husbands-“look what you are missing”.

  14. What’s the matter, Heidi? Can’t afford to touch up those nasty black roots? If you’re not willing to touch up your bottle blonde color every three weeks, then stay as drab and dark as you are naturally!

  15. Shame on Heidi. Brandi, what do you expect from the classless publicity whore? Her ‘delusions of adequacy’ are pathetic. Isn’t she due to crash and burn by now?

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