Gay friendly Estelle Getty of “The Golden Girls” died today after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. We used to live in the same building and tiny Estelle seemed waist-high in the elevator. She was always friendly and in the company of sociable gay men. Keep in mind that Estelle not only starred on one of the biggest hit shows of the 80’s, but this show undoubtedly inspired Candace Bushnell, the creator of “Sex & the City,” whether she admits it or not. We can already imagine Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls getting back together in twenty years for “Golden Girls in the City.”

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  1. I have always dreaded the day the Golden Girls start dieing off. Next thing you know other icons of my young adult life will begin to kick the button. Cher. Madonna. Cyndi Lauper. Linda Carter.
    Don’t mean to be so glum. It’s time for me and the roommates to have some cheesecake in Estel’s honor.

  2. Goodbye sweet lady you brought a generation much enjoyment…Rest in peace, we will miss you.

  3. Actually, Estelle had Lewy Body dementia. It’s different from Alzheimers.

  4. Casonia Logenberry...I often wear my Hair in Braids? Crazy mean people are fun to harass and,,What I love about Hells kitchen is that you can call a person all the names in the world and they can't put a hand on you..How Thrilling! says:

    We all have to go some time and that life is going to end but she made her mark in this world and has done something that is going to last us all for the rest of are life and that is being creative and having people love you for the parts you made your own?

  5. Casonia logenberry....I know some people think? That I am crazy and strange and weird but..I really love Hells kitchen so much...I have been trying to get there attention on so many levels! says:

    We get old and are body break down and health problems come along and stress and tention and drama ends are lives down the road and if your nice and kind and thoughtful to the people around you..You will not die alone! But if your rude and mean and self centered…No one is going to care about you at the end…She made millions of people love her by her actions and that is being funny and being herself!

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