You get a lot for $2,895,000 in Texas. The Jonas brothers bought this 7360 square foot compound on a golf course with no neighbors in sight. The catch is: IT’S IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! A lovely place to retire, but why would three energetic teenage boys want to live there? It’s 35 miles of unlit roads to Dallas where there might be something to do. These guys have long outgrown the ‘burbs. We bet the place will be back on the market in two years.

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  1. So this is a beautiful, private playground for three guys who are hounded night and day? And it would cost over 10 times more in La or Ny? AND it would take a WHOLE half hour drive to get to a major city from there?? Wow, they were INSANE to buy that…….what a story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😕

  2. Clearly this is the parents helping themselves to some gravy from the gravy train that is their offspring. How many years until they are suing the folks for running through their fortunes?

  3. Dallas is so boring so this must be a retreat for their parents.

  4. A good retreat for all. What a fabulous place to have a respice from the crazy tween mania these people must encounter on a continual basis.
    Makes sense to me. They can afford lots of places like this, why not one in a quiet location.

  5. If it’s on a golf course, won’t they hear someone yell out “Fore” sooner or later.
    They more than likely bought it for their parents. Just a place to chill at times when the tweens and paps become a little too much.

  6. This is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Trust me they are making the right choice

  7. They’ll claim this as a primary home but most likely won’t live there. All this is for tax purposes. Texas has no state income tax. These boys are making big money now and need to shelter that moolah.

  8. “BIGGER is BETTER”?
    ………………….I doubt sincerely!!

  9. Why on Earth would they want to live in Texas?
    Texas produces degenerates like: “Dr.” Phil, Hillary Duff, serial blood doper Lance Armstrong, the entire Bush family, Joe and Asslee Simpson, the JFK assassins and many more.
    Only steers and queers come from Texas as well as liars, cheat, thiefs and the white collar criminals that created Enron.

  10. ‘Really now….’ and Anon 5:22pm – i agree with both of you. Besides as a poster has pointed out…this probably won’t be their main base. I believe they have a house in LA.

  11. Maybe it’s at a HOT FAGGOT LOCATION, who knows?
    I’m sure there DICKIES know it!!

  12. Texas is the best state, we have the nicest most generous people, so there are some bad apples every state has them. I remember when my city had under 1 million people now there’s 3, if you don’t like Texas then stay out!!!

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