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Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Colin Farrell seems perfectly capable of doing his own stunts. He arrived at LAX from Heathrow, and when he saw the photographers he gave them a run for their money. They were particularly impressed with his ability to navigate the terminal with those clunky unlaced boots flapping around. He considers these his “lucky boots” and has admitted he cannot part with them, no matter how decrepit they become. The paparazzi were happy- action shots are always more interesting than smiling poses.

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  1. For a good while, he was known as the consummate and ultimate ‘skirt-chaser’. Does anyone know if any of these loose women ever hog-tied him and tamed him?

  2. dicrapio and crowe moive flops, people are tuning out liberal crap politics on tv and at movies.

  3. Seriously, gerard Vandenberg’s time is up and he needs to be exterminated from this site. People with lobotomies should not waste their few brain cells writing on celebrity websites first thing in the morning.

  4. Colin looks like there are a few std’s he can’t get rid of.

  5. This man is an alcoholic sex diseased loser. Stay in Ireland scum bag.

  6. he’s the nicest and the greatest actor i have ever seen in hollywood, he’s so sexy.

  7. and he has a movie coming i read it’s a must see movie and i’m going to see it.

  8. he really is perfect to play the role of indiana jones it’s about time to get rid of the old dude and bring this young and good looking who fits the parts so perfectly, wouldn’t be heaven to see him as the young indiana jones? I will see the movie in flash with him in it he looks so good when he doen’t have suntan,he’s so fine.

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