The Tammy Faye Bakker story is no longer up for grabs. And the winner is NOT one of the expected choices – Renee Zellweger, Dolly Parton, or Wynonna Judd. Dallas star Charlene Tilton has been hoping and planning to play the role and she’s already acquired the rights to Tammy’s story. Actually, Charlene spent time with Tammy in the last years of her life and they were quite friendly. Now Charlene and her people are hard at work putting together a first treatment and they’re interviewing Tammy’s friends. When you think about it, Charlene might be perfect casting, certainly in the looks department. Tammy was 4’11” and so is Charlene, and if you picture Charlene with those eyelashes and a lot of lipstick, it works!

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  1. A hasbeen if there ever was one.
    Before Dallas… career.
    After Dallas……no career.

  2. She was really cute and pretty and still is. I like her, she had a stint as a Janet Charlton type for awhile with the GLOBE. I just never liked Tammy Faye and never got the appeal.

  3. Perfect casting! She’ll be so much better that those other actresses.

  4. Long time no see :-o)
    Charlene was great in Dallas and she will be great even in this role. I am glad for her and wish her luck.
    B from Sweden

  5. Nice. It’ll be refreshing to see a different face for a change.

  6. She’s a firecracker. One of the silliest, campiest, funniest afternoons I ever spent was visiting with Charlene, Carol Connors, Deanna Lund, Marilyn McCoo, Rhonda Shear and Renee Taylor during their “Kitty Kat Tea Party.” All the ladies were in feline attire and a first-rate High tea catered by the chef from The Four Seasons Beverly Hills. Charlene always has a smile on her face and has a great sense of humour and elan.

  7. She is perfect for that role. I am kind of stunned that she had the money to buy the rights to her story. She must have saved her Dallas money or has a very rich husband.

  8. Perfect casting! Now, I may actually want to see the movie. Renee Zellweger – are you fricking kidding me??

  9. If she wants to play a dumb skank religious swindler okay by me.

  10. Dolly could have done it looks wise (well, except for the boobs) but was Wynonna really up for the part?? How on EARTH did anyone think she’d even begin to look like Tammy? Charlene will do a great job I’m sure.

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