Melissa Etheridge


m_etheridgecut_021907_06.jpgSince Melissa Etheridge is showing off her new twins, we are again inspired to speculate about paternity. In 1997 Melissa’s then-partner Julie Cypher gave birth to a daughter named Bailey and a year later their son Beckett was born – also by in vitro fertilization. The father was identified as drug addled, overweight musician Dave Crosby, who also had a liver transplant. At the time Melissa was best friends with Brad Pitt and the idea of HIS providing sperm had been discussed. We still contend that Brad is the REAL father of her babies and they identified Dave to throw everybody off the scent. We have yet to see a picture of these two older kids to see if they resemble Brad – but we bet they do. The new twins (Melissa’s current partner Tammy Lynn Michaels is the mom) are a toss-up – they might be Brad’s or they might not. But they ARE awfully cute.