Before Photo: WENN
After Photo: X-17
Miracles DO happen. The other night when Britney Spears was photographed looking particularly thrashed, she popped into the Lisa Kline store on Robertson for a new look. When she walked OUT in her new cranberry dress and jaunty hat, she looked remarkably better, as if she’d spent time at a spa. What’s Lisa Kline’s secret?

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  1. No Janet, she took a another bump of COKE to wake herself up. She looks so perky with her BIG eye’s.

  2. Lysol, Zeno the Zit Zapper, and Clorox Wipes…. I know I felt better after cleaning myself from seeing this picture.

  3. Blarg.. Hidden under a pile of mud and rocks you can still sense her reek and nastiness.

  4. Nobody cares what Britney’s doing. No more Britney stories, please.

  5. Fugly cap, cheap-looking mini, an old lady purse, and I bet they cost a lot of $$. This is stylish? She could have done better at a 2nd hand discount store.

  6. There is no secret…the first frickin pic was snapped through a car windshield with rain drops. Your site really sucks!

  7. with RAINDROPS???????????? haha that person above me cracks me up! Brits got meth face dear.

  8. She’s an ugly skank no matter what she does. A stain on society. Quit reporting on her. No one cares.

  9. Do they sell CUTLERY too over there? That’s because the next time it’s not required any more to eat with your fingers!!
    This is 2007, you know!!

  10. That skin! It’s like she eats KFC without her hands and passes out before wiping her mouth.

  11. Methface and hands!!
    Poor Britney she’s like Elvis during his final days this time the whole world’s watching her slowly dying!!

  12. i’m serious, does britney have even ONE PERSON in her whole life that TRULY cares about her enough to HELP HER??? that is the saddest part of all – i don’t think she does!
    i am no fan, but it would be so tragic to see her destroy herself. i keep hoping one day she’ll wake up and turn it all around, not so that she can go back to the way she used to be, but so she can leave it ALL behind and be even better. the press doesn’t care at all about her, her “friends” don’t care enough to REALLY help her, her mom doesn’t care, her ex doesn’t care – the only people in her life are people who just perpetuate this downward spiral of hers.
    the press is s PATHETIC BUNCH OF LOSERS, and so is anyone who ENJOYS the crap they dish out – it’s like they are cheering the destruction on! the more bad decisions she makes and the more bad pictures they get, the happier they are! will they be happy when she crashes her car? kills someone with her car? kills herself? it’s all total madness.

  13. she’s on a 1 way street to hell and her weight and face god what a poor ugly girl

  14. Wow!She really looks bad!!!I do not think it will be possible for her to get her body and look back what it used to be.

  15. The car windshield is filthy – look at the steering wheel you frickin tards. Its got the same spots on it as her face. Duh its dirt from the windshield. And her eyes are half closed bc she’s in the middle of blinking. This site sucks.

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