Can’t say we’re the least bit sorry to hear that Michael Vick is being bullied! He says he’s getting death threats and that’s why he cancelled his book tour. SOMEONE doesn’t like the fact that he wants to profit from his crime and punishment. The book was a bad idea because animal lovers still despise Vick, even though he claims to regret torturing and slaughtering dogs. Vick’s publicist says he won’t be intimidated and will continue to do his ”charitable work.” Hopefully, he’ll do the “charitable work” out of sight so we don’t have to look at him.

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  1. Death threats over a dog…how foolish has the PC world become.

  2. Ya that’s it, let’s threaten to kill humans because they harmed a few dogs. Who are the real boneheaded barbarians in this picture? Idiots, all of em

  3. Michael vick is fine as hell.
    Janet, you so two faced or a racist you don’t like him but you posted his pic and story as if you were disgusted. You would hold dear an animal than a human being? I am sure you had chicken or beef last night or for lunch today but your panties are wet for a dog. You didn’t act like that when that singer killed her dog then killed herself but it is drenched for michael vick?

    I thought it was his relatives or friends abusing the dogs.

  4. Ha ha JC favors the lesbo’s and the animals….no others need apply.

    What about a cruise next year where the Lesbos bring their animals….not speaking of their dykes……heaven.

  5. he should be sprayed down then electrocuted
    just one of the ways he killed dogs
    hell is too good for this fuck.

  6. There is no justification for torturing a dog, “training” them to fight and then killing them. He should not be tolerated in society, much less considered an author.

  7. He’s scum. Nobody said they liked dogs more than humans, but this is how serial killers start, by killing animals

  8. it was another convict who did this?
    think twice: this is a black man!!

  9. He also did his time for the crime and he is steadily employed so give him another chance!

    PC’ers are ready to let all the illegal Mexicans and stayover students into the USA to give them a chance….much more important is helping an American.

  10. People should be allowed to recover from their mistakes, he did serve time in prison for his crime!

    That said, the Vick scandal is still fresh in everyone’s mind and he should not be associated with anything related to animal welfare.
    he book tour was a bad idea and in bad taste.

  11. Strom unless you are American Indian why dont YOU go back to where you family is from!

    Vick is garbage and didnt serve time like he should have. Like all wealthy celebrities he was given special treatment and got off with a slap on the wrist.

    Frankly, most animals are better than scum like him(or many of the mentally challenged posters on here) as animals don’t engage in this kind of sick twisted behavior for “sport” and male ego that these creeps do.

  12. “Michael vick is fine as hell … ”

    ya sure, and gross brutality is merely a minor, temporary, character flaw, idiots.

    @hello, there’s a cleanup on aisle three

  13. GOD will forgive us of our sins long before we will forgive each other. What’s new?

  14. Even tho he has served his time, was he ever really truly sorry. I think he should be assigned 10,000 hours of working in an abused dog shelter, and that is for the rest of his life. Also, he should be sentenced to trying to get the dogs adopted out.

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