Anderson Cooper was startled when a huge long package arrived at CNN’s New York office addressed to him. Inside he found a life size cardboard cutout of himself! (Like the one here) A fan had won it on eBay and asked him to sign it. The only problem was the sender forgot to include return postage and that was nearly $50. CNN wouldn’t cough up the postage so Anderson signed it and promptly sent it back at his own expense. He confessed it made him uncomfortable just having it around!

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  1. WOW! like $50 is gonna break him it’s all for publicity big deal.

  2. Blanderson Cooper,has to be thee least sexy person on the planet.What a pompus bore.Cant stand him.Maybe when he pulls that grey head out of his arse,He might not come off as the arse he truly is.

  3. Listen, he’s a deceitful hypocrite that pretends to have that extra wise man something on the camera but loves his boyfriends and parties like an animal when he’s not. It won’t be long till everyone knows the truth.

  4. At times, he seems to talk through his nose, a definite nasal twang. Does this mean anything?

  5. His initials are “AC”; is he “DC” too? Have never seen him with a female.

  6. Anderson Cooper is the sexiest man alive. Certainly the sexiest newsman alive.

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