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Trying on boots is quite an experience with Carmen Electra. Her fiancee Rob Patterson dutifully offered his opinion as she modeled several pairs while shopping at Fornarina. Carmen and Rob have been having some problems over money – she’s earning a lot more of it than he is. The pair have been getting counseling and they’re making progress. They’ve already hammered out a prenup to protect Carmen’s assets and now they’re trying to figure out how to handle their daily finances.


  1. What exactly IS her job? Isn’t she just now for being known, other than being on Baywatch light years ago, what’s she done lately that gets her money? Being married & divorced from the rocker guy? Is THAT what you’re talking about?

  2. The other issue Rob may wish to get over is the length of time little Carmen was being power fucked by Dyke princess Joan Jett.

  3. The other issue Rob may wish to get over is the length of time little Carmen was being power pumped by Dyke princess Joan Jett.

  4. Janet, how much are you paid to name drop this shoe store? Is it not enough that your site is littered with blog ads?

  5. She is selfish, untalented and merely whores for money.. He’d be better off without her.

  6. Rob is a great guy, met him once and he was really down to earth. All the best for them!

  7. Although her acting career never really took off, Carmen’s had a number of celebrity endorsement deals for the past several years that have made her quite wealthy.
    As for the “relationship” with Patterson— it was doomed from the moment he gave her a $199 engagement ring.

  8. This is not Reta. Has anyone ever seen Reta? Does anyone know Reta? U R a very rude person to continue using “Reta is a fat pig” for your name. R U in a mental institution?

  9. She is a very strange and complex woman. Totally bi-sexual by her own admittance. She needs to go in therapy for sex addiction, such as David Duchovny had to. Picking losers with little money seems to be her talent. Chances are, she has been infected by her string of male and female lovers. Totally without shame.

  10. I’ll seen Reta and I have to agree “she’s a fat pig”

  11. you guys have no idea what you are talking about.. Carmen is a friend of mine and they are sooo happy together. They are def not having problems with money..
    CE is just thst type of peron !!
    She could care less how much $ rob makes (and to my understandingt he makes a lot DJing all over the country…
    but for sure! everyone should believe what they read on a gossip site

  12. Every one of her relationships/marriages is THE one, THE last one, THE one that will last forever. rotflmao

  13. I really enjoyed her reality show with her last husband, Dave Navarro. I thought that was true love, but it was not to be. Does anyone know why that relationship broke up?

  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Most likely Joan Jett came back into the picture and little Carmen was getting bored. She coined the phrase..”Been there, done that”.

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